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Please feel free to comment and provide criticism. I love getting feedback and suggestions. THANK YOU!!!! ♥

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Awesome artwork from awesome artists!!

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Don't give up

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I feel like such an insomniac

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Trent Reznor by zombeeBOT Nine Inch Nails Stamp by dA--bogeyman The Downward Spiral - Stamp by Ghost-of-Nobody nine inch nails stamp by boneworks NIN Stamp by Sora05 nin stamp by josephhaubert NIN - The Slip Stamp by josephhaubert Nine Inch Nails Stamp by Ghostwalker2061 NIN fan stamp by deviantStamps nine inch nails stamp by deadspaceheart nails stamp 1 by zodiacus Trent Reznor Stamp by theOrangeSunflower NIN Stamp by reznor70 Sexy Musicians Stamp - TR by Giggle-Monster Nine Inch Nail stamp by PrincessTigerLili NIN addict stamp by Ravenhart Adam Young stamp by skull-star Owl City Stamp by Ravechu Owl City Stamp v2 by Dekaff Owl City Stamp by deathshadow7127 Adam Young Stamp by ElyonTH Owl City Stamp by grvtii Owl City Stamp 2 by Dekaff Owl City Stamp by SunSakura Stamps- Owl City by Koshi-Doshi Owl City Stamp by MirrorZan Tool Stamp by josephhaubert Zill x Kayla stamp by Angel1565 NIN.Stamp by slave-screams Gravity Falls Stamp 2012 by ScittyKitty PLACEBO by Diabolo-Spinner placebo stamp by KatataEtc Placebo stamp by Nitroanarchygirl Brian Molko Stamp by Voltaira Placebo Fans_stamp by Sakura-PO-Louise Brian Molko Scream by HappyStamp

The Life Trap

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"You see we all got what I call a "life trap", a gene deep certainty that things will be different... that you'll move to another city and meet the people that'll be the friends for the rest of your life... that you'll fall in love and be fulfilled... fucking "fulfillment"... and "closure" whatever the fuck those two fuckin' empty jars to hold this shit storm. Nothing's ever fulfilled, not until the very end. and, no, no, nothing is ever over."

- Detective Rust Cohle (HBO's True Detective)

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Walk in silence

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Okay so, I've been dating :iconwanderdip: for about maybe a year or so at this point. I've known Damian for about maybe 5 years or so. We became friends in 2010 while I was a freshman in high school. Since then we hit it off and became really close due to both of us being passionate about cartoons and traditional animation. The reason why I'm talking about this person right now is because, I want anyone who happens to like my artwork to know, that I've only started pursuing my dreams with cartooning again because of her. I was about to give up on it entirely until she encouraged me to keep trying. We both have anxiety issues about our work for a multitude of reasons. 

    But, maybe even more importantly I'd like anyone who cares about me at all to know this: I'm only ALIVE because of this person. :iconwanderdip: saved me from myself. Some of you might know I'm an extremely over-sensitive and emotional person. After the summer of 2012, I planned to commit suicide. I began chain smoking again and I was an alcoholic during my time at SVA in New York City (1 semester in 2013) I did drugs to feel again. I was empty. I was dead set on destroying my body and suicide. I almost succeeded in my attempts several times. But, as fate would have it: I did not. I'm still alive. And I am pleased to announce that while I am still suicidal a lot, I have no plans to take my own life anymore. I'm not going to. I've chosen to give life a chance because when I am with Damian, I'm happy. She makes me happy. And I am never usually happy. I still have trouble feeling things at times, and I struggle with depression and a constant anxiety disorder and other things a lot. I wasn't "cured" of my depression, it doesn't work that way. But..because of this person I am willing to LIVE life again. And not in a self-destructive way. I'm working on my artwork again. I'm really TRYING again. That's something I never thought would happen. I was ready to quit and kill myself. I say once again, I'm still here. And I have Damian to thank for that.

    With all of this being said, there have been MANY rumors spreading about my partner that are NOT true, and they need to be addressed. I won't say specifically who is starting the rumors or what they are because, I DO NOT know all the details. And as far as I know, :iconwanderdip: is JUST as confused about the rumors as I am. But I want this to be VERY, VERY CRYSTAL CLEAR: Damian is NOT a BAD person. She's the nicest and most accepting person I have ever met in my entire life. She has flaws, yes. A lot of them, just like me. But, she has a very good heart. She doesn't wish harm upon ANYONE, even people she happens to dislike. And that goes for me as well. The only specifics I will say about the rumors are this: WE ARE NOT PART OF A HATE-GROUP. It's ridiculous to think that. We don't bash or try to DE-FAME anyone on deviantART. Or ANYONE at ALL for that matter. So please, understand. We respect all people, even if we happen to not like them. We don't want trouble. Damian is a good person. A very good person. And I love her. I love her more than anything. Damian and I, we don't have any good reason to spread hate. And we AREN'T. About anyone, or anything. That's that. It's just fact. 
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Christopher Jones
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Hello! My name is Christopher! I'm a 19 year old cartoonist who is currently working on a project called "Strange Times" (a webcomic in development). I'm an overly emotional sappy loser who likes cartoons too much. I struggle with severe depression and suicidal thoughts but I'm fighting to get better! I aspire to one day create a webcomic (a project I've been working on since I was a little kid) and eventually work on cartoons professionally!

I don't sleep, I just dream...

(Trent Reznor/NIИ)
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♥♥♥♥♥♥OWL CITY (Adam Young)♥♥♥♥♥♥

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I'm gonna survive

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